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Different sizes different weights…different effect 🙂

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Sissi is exhausted because her gigantic and extremely strong enemy drained all her forces: the carrot, still on the floor gave her a hard time!

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Citizen of Terracina

A very determined Citizen of Terracina, of Etruscan or Volscian origins 🙂


Photo taken by Daniele

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New Entry! Stellina


Stellina was rescued by Federica from a garbage dump and Federica really tried hard to give her a new home. She could not keep her because of her own cat – who was extremely jealous and did not accept this little “competitor”.

Federica found us – we were looking for a new adventure company for Mary.

Now Mary and Stellina  are inseparable.

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IMG_1843_SissiIMG_1849_Ercolino IMG_1850_Ottone

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Playing with my camera

Sissi_saw a bird_15Jan15

Sissi is observing a bird!


Ottone enjoys the winter sun.

Ercolino posing for me

Ercolino posing for me

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Sleeping Beauty

Sissi dormiente

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