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Anno Nuovo, Vita Nova! Slow but steady (…) with the first 10K race of this year, I am glad that I finished it. YEAH – finisher and below one hour. This is a good start for my training plan towards the Roma-Ostia completion.

Because of the little time at disposal, so that chill, early darknessĀ are thwarting my running plans, I resigned myself to run on a treadmill.

Boring but useful and no excuse for not running šŸ™‚

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first airplanesI should have known better…. even though I was going on vacation and not reaching a marathon somewhere in the world.Ā Never ever will I put my running shoes in my check-in luggage again.For whatever reason I should travel.

During our trip to St.-Petersburg, my luggage was first delayed and after I got it back it was completely Ā damaged and some things were missing. Two of all the things that were missing drove me really mad… one wasĀ y neckless with an inestimable affective value for me, because I received it as a gift from my friends (and one would say: why did you put it in there? I DON’T KNOW!!!!) and?

  • my RUNNING SHOES. My wonderful purple running shoes, which weren’t available on the EU market, thus I had gotten them in the US. I put them in there, because my mind was already in vacation atmosphere… it’s a direct flight, quite impossible to loose my luggage….

Result? Angriness and bitterness, queues at the police station, queues at the airport and the withdrawal symptom of running šŸ˜‰

After so many years of traveling, one never stop learning his lesson. Ā Important items, belongings you care about and your running shoes should always be in your carry-on luggage.

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My Ā scapegoat for all the negligences this year will always be “THE EXAM”.

Roma-Ostia 2012

Now the exam is all done and overdone I am finally getting back my balance, my time, my life and my run.
Choosing this period for a comebackĀ Ā means 7:00am out for a run…uuuhhh…Anyway! Increasing little by littleĀ the kilometres and the rhythm per week,Ā it should work well to get back in shape and start with a 10k exercise race in September!
My first goal is the Roma-Ostia 2014 – it is waiting for me šŸ™‚

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A “NEW” way of running?

It’s 3 months now that Marco told me about that article…. which I finally and only read yesterday – what a waste of time, I mean really a waste of 3 months time – why did I not read it before? It is fantastic and its experience, its story and its claim is definitely to test!!!Ā 
Here below the article (click the link)
The once and future way of running

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